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Do you have enough?

We can help you make that a big 'yes'.


How we help


Do you know the answer to the age old question “Do I have enough to retire on and live the lifestyle I wish to?” Meeting with one of our Certified Financial Planners, Brad Stewart or Stuart Reeves, for a few hours and you will find the answer to this question.

The type of issues we help address and solve for clients are:

  • Establishing goals and objectives to work toward
  • Ensuring you have enough money to retire on
  • Understanding the complexities of the financial world
  • Paying too much tax
  • Managing your finances
  • Proactively managing an investment portfolio
  • Protecting their wealth and income

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What we do


1. Initial Meeting

This will normally last up to 2 hours and will cover off on who we are and what we do, and determine what it is you are after and wanting answered. We’ll delve into your goals, needs and objectives and what’s really important to you. We’ll evaluate where you are at currently and what suggestions we initially have for you to maximise your position going forward. We normally require a follow up initial meeting, looking more in depth at your situation and possible strategies, depending on circumstances.


2. Collection of all required Client Information

What we don’t collect at the initial meetings we will then collect either via correspondence or at a second initial meeting. Assets & Liabilities, income, family circumstances, work, goals & objectives. We use this information to develop investment strategies, taxation planning, estate planning and general financial planning strategies that will suit your personal situation.


3. Formal Plan forward

We will have already provided previous summaries of what has been discussed to date, including potential alternatives and issues to consider moving forward. We will then prepare a formal document (Statement of Advice) outlining in full detail all our recommendations for you and your situation. This will provide you certainty on the course of action to take to achieve your desired results and what it is we will do for you to get you there.


4. Implementation of Recommendations

We make this very easy for you. We will complete all the required paperwork and ensure that all recommendations made in your advice document are carried out in full and completed in a timely fashion.


5. Ongoing Relationship

After all recommendations are implemented we meet again to confirm your new position and cover off on any requirements going forward, such as online logins for investments, a diagrammatic summary of your total situation and confirmation of the ongoing service.

Whilst the number of formal face to face reviews per annum is generally set at 2, this can be modified to suit individual circumstances. Outside of formal reviews we provide continuous ongoing review of your investments and you have access to your adviser and nominated support person at any time throughout the year.

Our primary focus here at Evolution Financial is not about continually chasing new business. We specialise in an area that requires significant ongoing advice to ensure you are to maximise your position for the remainder of your lifetime. When we take on a new client, we do so with the intention that we are to look after you for the long haul, not just the initial advice phase and all existing clients at all times will be given the highest of service standards. Choosing an appropriately qualified financial planner and business that can offer a broad range of advice and products on an ongoing basis is therefore critical.  

Your future is worth the investment


What you'll pay


You will always be told of any cost payable before the fee is payable or work is commenced. After the initial meeting/s and before progressing to the stage of us formulating formal recommendations we will cover off on what cost is payable to move forward.

There is no cost for any initial meetings.


Initial Advice, Setup and Implementation

$4,400 minimum and $13,200 maximum

  • One-off fee dependant on initial setup work involved and strategy required

This fee may or may not be tax deductible for the entity paying the fee.


Ongoing Advice Fee

  • Can be a flat fee or a % of investments, depending on client’s circumstances and wishes
  • Payment broken down into monthly payments and taken from your investment portfolio

This fee is fully tax deductible for the entity paying the fee.

I personally feel very comfortable in taking Brad's advice. I know the advice is sound and very thoroughly researched. 

I have appreciated his frankness and leadership on all matters I have raised with him.

- Bob Jones